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  • continent-hair-transplant
  • continent-hair-transplant

Hospital (TURKEY-Istanbul)

Ahmed Benaros (LIBYA-Tripoli)

Pablo Celderoni (U.K-London)



Follicular units are extracted one by one from the back and side parts of the haired scalp. Microsurgery motor with a diameter between0.70 to 0.90 mm as well as tools which are specifically manufactured for follicular unit extraction process are used. In order to ensure that each follicular unit has been extracted one by one and completely, extraction process should be applied by doctors with gradual steps.

Dr. Rassman

When Dr. Rassman explained the scientific results of FUE method which was called as F.O.X procedure by him in October 2003 in New York, we also were there. In December 2003, THE CONTINENT INTERNATIONAL HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY CENTER carried out the first FUE operation.